A petit story of Fung

I was living in an english speaking world for quite a period of time. My colloquial english is okay. Due to my paraplegic condition, I moved back to Hong Kong and there is no point to speak english in the cantonese world around me.

In a case of serving an english speaking customer, we formed a team of three speakers and no interpreter will be provided. At first, I felt no pressure as I was just one of the three. However, 2 days before the show, I was told to go alone. Spot lights was all around me and I was almost having a sleepless night. Fortunately, i made no serious mistakes.

After the training session, a girl talked to me and told me, with a cheerful smile, how inspiring my speech was. I had been really perk up and I started my own english lessons again. After that, I pick up english books more often and seize more chance to speak english. Through all these, my self confidence is back. Also, while working in this social enterprise, I was exposed to more and more new stuff and this is a driving to push me to step forward everyday.

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