A petit story of Kwok-Wah

Due to my job in social enterprise, I was elected as 香港復康力量在職達人2016. It is the most exciting part of my year 2016.

Few years ago, while I was living on crutches instead of electric wheelchair, my job was to answer 24 hour calls of elevator maintenance. The working hours is long albeit I have hypertension. One day, while i was heading for home, due to exhaustion, I fell down stairs in a bridge and thus i was upgraded from 2 limbs disability to 4 limbs disability. I am now living on a electric wheelchair and, at the same time, qualified to be a member of “Direction Association for the Handicapped”. Since then, I am ended up working in this social enterprise.

It’s a “Hard Luck” but you may say it’s a turning point in my life. Before that, I was locked indoor to wait for urgent calls 24 hours a day. Now, I am reaching out to meet people outside and deal with product related issues. As a trainer in our social enterprise, I meet people from all walks of lives. This improves my communication skills a lot. I am now enjoying my life and job satisfaction is much greater than before.