A Petit Story of Tab 1

Back in 2000, a traffic accident took away my freedom and I am paraplegic now. At that time, I was in disdain for a long time and treated my parent so bad and sometimes I was even scolding at them without a reason. Until they were having all kinds of sickness due to exhaustion and pressure, I felt sorry for what I did and try to get back my life.

By chance, I have joined Direction Association and I was active in life education events in many campuses. Thus, I have also joined social enterprise as a trainer. Beyond campus, I found enterprises, as my new stages. This social enterprise granted me so much room and chance to get back to community while i was sitting on a wheelchair. I enjoy how we help others and then help ourselves. Within the crowd, i get back my self confidence and performing dream. Who said a disabled one have to abandon his dream?