A Petit Story of Willy 2

“When Heaven is about to send down great responsibilities on you, she will first send sufferings to test your will and hard work to test your flesh and bones. She will have you suffer from hunger and poverty. She will frustrate all your plans. In this way she will move your mind, toughen your nature, and make up for anything you lack.”, said Mencius

Before we started this social enterprise, Direction Association had already been active in life education. We often have school tours to hold talks and share my stories in life. This did not hardly address the trendy suicide of our youngsters. This also created a platform to enable our members to step back our own community. Many of our members have accumulated thousands of hours of stage experiences. This is really a good example of “help others and help ourselves.”

We inject all these experiences in our current AQ training programs. Out of the blue, it becomes one of the core business of our social enterprise. So far, we have even held training sessions in the headquarter of HK government. In front of top management teams of this city, we share my own stories and tell them how to deal with adversities. It takes 10 years to sharpen our fine sword and we are in a small of our business.