About Us

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We are . . .


We were originally a small group in the Direction Association for the Handicapped.  However, in order to expand career opportunities for members, we have shifted some resources from the Direction Association to form a social enterprise.  As of this moment, we are still a part of the Direction Association. 

What a Social Enterprise is

There is no standard definition for a social enterprise in the current world.  Different countries have different definitions, but many countries make use of special legislation to regulate social enterprises.  Hong Kong, at present, has no such legislation.  In our view, social enterprises do not exist to create profits for shareholders, but aim to employ commercial techniques for public good, and to make underprivileged groups in society become value-creating groups in the community.  This is exactly the goal of a social enterprise.


In Hong Kong, operating a social enterprise is no easy task.  The Direction Association’s social enterprise is one of the few social enterprises who have been fortunate enough to exist for a span of ten years.  In order to achieve long-term sustainability, we focus on maintaining the continuity of the business, hoping to explore new possibilities for expansion and development.  We have tried and experimented with many different business models, from selling decorations, trophies and rehabilitative goods, to conducting different human resources training courses.  Our existence today is due to support from various sectors and our faith in a sustainable business model.


As a social enterprise, our primary goal is to create more employment possibilities for handicapped people, and to pave the way for their re-introduction into society by empowering them to become self-sufficient.  We hope to enable these people to become independent and facilitate them to depart from their neglected status in society.  We hope to do this by providing more employment possibilities for handicapped people to fully integrate into society.  We would like to bring a long-lasting and positive impact to the community by changing people’s beliefs and values and creating a consensus among the population and even resulting in changes to different policies.  We hope that by changing and influencing people’s needs and habits, we will be able to bring about a shift in different policies and legislation.  Due to the fact that the social enterprise derives its roots from and is part of the Direction Association for the Handicapped, we hope that both sides would be able to profit.

Our mission

Our motto

To demonstrate the belief that by helping others, one can also benefit oneself.

Our formation

To further expand employment possibilities for the severely or chronically handicapped population.

Our awareness

To encourage and empower employment possibilities for the severely or chronically handicapped population.  Through building their self-esteem, we would like to increase their self-sufficiency and independence, enabling them to fulfill their civic duties and contribute to society.

Our development

To continuously develop by organizing “Life Education Enterprise Training” services.  We would like to invite more handicapped people to participate in our activities and join the community.  We hope that by providing open communal employment, they can help themselves and contribute to society.

Our Team

We believe in serving others while helping ourselves

Gurus in Operation

Inside our consultancy team and decision-making team, we have many people with knowledge of the public and commercial sectors.

Disabled Ones

There are both full-time and part-time disabled persons in our team.  They vary from physical disability to hearing impairment and also from serious paraplegia to those you cannot know his disability at a glance.

Devoted Ones

Individuals with a strong desire to engage in the social welfare sector.

Our Clients