Frequently Asked Questions

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About Direction Association Social Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are we (Direction Association Social Enterprise)?

    Direction Association Social Enterprise is under the body of “Direction Association for Handicapped”.  We train and employ people of disabilities.

  • What sort of services we provide?

    We provide a series of services:  “AQ training program”, “Social Inclusion Workshop” and life Fighter sharing.  In addition, we will create conditions of employment for people with disabilities.  We also sell souvenirs and trophies and provide advisory services on rehabilitation products.

  • What is the target audience of our services?

    We welcome people from all walks of life to attend our training programs. We are a sound record of serving major organizations and institutions no matter public or private.

  • Who will be the speakers in our training programs?

    All training will be addressed by our own trainers

  • What if you are interested in our services?

    Interested parties are welcome to contact our staff so that we can tailor made your own training content according to your own needs.

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