Help people help ourselves

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Adversity Quotient CORE Workshop

Introductory AQ Training Program

Experience Disability & Corporate Inclusive Culture

Social Inclusion Workshop Session 1

Adversity Quotient LEAD Workshop

Advanced AQ Training Program

Understand Disability & Social Inclusion Elements

Social Inclusion Workshop Session 2

AQ Training Program

It’s a world trend nowadays that management advocates on “Adversity Quotient” and “Stress Management”. We provide training courses to local enterprises to upgrade their staff to cope with adversities.

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We are . . .


We started out as a group under the “Direction Association for the Handicapped”.  In order to open up a new source of employment opportunities for our members, we reallocated internal resources of “Direction Association” and set up a social enterprise under the association.  Up to this day, we are still part of the “Direction Association”.

What is a social enterprise

There is no common definition of social enterprises in the world.  There are different standards everywhere.  Many countries have special legislation to regulate social enterprises.  Hong Kong has no relevant laws.  Our point of view is: social enterprises do not aim at making profit for shareholders but we use business and revenue models to generate public welfare.  This will transform the formerly disadvantaged groups into the value creating ones.   We believe that this is the core value of our social enterprise.


In Hong Kong, it is not easy to run a social enterprise.  We are one of the few social enterprises which is fortunate enough to stand upright for more than 10 years.  In order to keep the reel moving, we have emphasis on sustainability of business.  We are always thirsty of looking for some sustainable development models.  From Sales of gifts, accessories, trophies and rehabilitation products, to human resources training services, we have explored in depth and tried various business models.  In addition to the support from all our friends, sustainable development models are part of the cornerstone of our success.


As a social enterprise, one of our main objectives is to create the conditions necessary for the employment of people with disabilities.  We both create jobs and a platform as stepping stones to enable disabled ones back to labor force.  This will lead to independence and let disabled ones to get rid of the long lasting inferiority in social status.  One of our goals is to demonstrate that the disabled ones are able to play some relatively more important roles in our society.  We look forward to create social impact,  transform thoughts of all walks of lives and ultimately social consensus and public policy transformations.  It is also our wishes to bring along mutual benefits with our root: “Direction Association for the Handicapped”.



Help Others Help Ourselves


Create more employment opportunities for severely disabled individuals.


Encourage severely physically handicapped persons to join the labor force;  To create a better self-esteem;  To achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency;  Let them fulfill the civic duty and contribute back to the common good.


Sustainable development; Develop corporate level life education training services;  To create more job opportunities for members of “Direction Association for the Handicapped” so that they can actualize their “Help Others Help Ourselves” spirit.

Our Team

Our Principle: Help Others & Self Help

Gurus in Operation

Consultants and decision-making teams have a large number of knowledgeable people in both public and commercial organizations.

Disabled Ones

There are both full-time and part-time disabled persons in our team.  They vary from physical disability to hearing impairment and also from serious paraplegia to those you cannot know his disability at a glance.

Devoted Ones

Devoted ones in social welfare and common good.