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Enterprise AQ Training scheme

The social enterprise of the Direction Association for the Handicapped was founded by the Direction Association.  It aims to train and employ handicapped people.  Through attending and participating in different seminars and talks and the “Warriors of Regeneration” scheme, we support and encourage different people from all walks of life to face adversities.  In recent years, we have launched the “Adversity Quotient” culture and have coached different people to manage this figure.  Members of the Direction Association have utilized their inherent strengths to create employment for the handicapped population

Adversity Quotient Training scheme


Adversity Quotient CORE training workshop


Adversity Quotient LEAD training workshops

Use stories of the “Warriors of Life” to empower and heighten the adversity quotient of participants, encourage and support them to face different challenges, experience the importance of emotional management, and facing life and work challenges with a positive spirit.

To build a positive thought process, transform personal experiences into the will to achieve, and the ability to face adversities, and develop positive teamwork where members appreciate and complement others’ strengths.

Inclusive Workplace Training scheme

Session 1

Understand disabilities and inclusion

Session 2

Experience disabilities and inclusion

Heighten and optimize employees’ understanding of disabilities and inclusion, break through myths and legends, create an inclusive culture and understanding, and increase teamwork.

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Application of EQ, AQ & MQ

Corporate Social Inclusion

Upgrade Customer Service

Positive Psychology

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Effective Communication



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Rabi Yim

Rabi returned to Hong Kong after studying aboard. A dating on Valentine’s Day rewrote her life. She did not immerse herself in sorrow and learned how to live independently. She has even started up a business and has been the Design and Managing Director. At the same time, she actively fights for the rights of women and the physically disabled. Furthermore, she is one of the committees of the Women’s Commission and has awarded by the Yan Chai Hospital and Rehabilitation Advisory Committee due to her contribution.



Tab Hui

A traffic accident made Tab lost his self-care ability. Facing such a severe adversity, he used to turn a blind eye to reality, used to give up and even thought of committing suicide. However, the selfless love of his parents encouraged him to put himself in the driving seat. Thus, he can develop a more exciting and meaningful life on stage.



Willy Law , MH

For him, disability is not due to physical limitations, but the self-limitation in his mind. He suffers from cerebral palsy when he born, but he did not lose himself. Instead, he encourages others with his own experience. Moreover, he participates in meetings of government departments on behalf of the physically handicapped and actively fights for the rights and social welfare for them. He can facilitate the participants to regain the passion and explore the meaning of work. Consequently, team spirit can be built and strengthened.



Wing Lam

Before 1996, he dreamed to be an athlete. After the car accident, he once gave himself up to the accident. With the love of friends and family, he later went out of his pain. Although his physical conditions will undoubtedly limit the types of sports he can participate in, his sportsmanship let him breaks though himself. He involved in more types of sports than before, including rowing, diving, paragliding, wheelchair boxing and even riding on special bicycle to Wuling in Taiwan. From his experience, you can learn the importance and skills of teamwork and communication.



Fung Chan

In the eyes of others, Fung is an ardent youth. He used to join a rock band and dream of changing the world with music. He also worked aboard during working holiday to see a wider music world. Unfortunately, he even cannot take care of himself after the car accident and cannot play the musical instruments. He thought his dream and life have gone and even thought of committing suicide. With the support of family, friends and the society, he is now back to work, using iPad to form a band, Goosebumps, with other injured friends to continue the unfinished musical dream.



Eric Wong

Eric lived on a boat and followed his parents to fish when he was young. A high fever caused polio, parents even sold their fishing boat in order to cure his polio. In childhood, he was bullied and ridiculed by his classmates, but he believed that he would be rewarded as long as he positively faced the adversity. With this conviction, he worked hard to repay his parents. In our social enterprise, the ideal is finally realized. Not only can find a job suitable for oneself, but also learn to be positive and have a blessed family.



Tommy Liu

In 2006, a traffic accident occurred on the way home, causing him to be disabled due to cervical nerve injury. Later, he joined the Direction Association for The Handicapped because of friend recommendation. Now, he is performing with the band from time to time and is encouraged and recognized by many people in the society. In addition, he also shares his experience with students to let them understand the daily life of the disabled. He feels his life is very fulfilling and has changed his view of life. Even he faces handicap in his life, he still makes a lot of contributions to the society.



Law Wai Tong

An industrial accident caused his cervical vertebrae C5-C6 to be damaged and needed to rely on a wheelchair for his whole life. At that moment, he is disheartened. Fortunately, with the support and encouragement of the family, he began to receive physical therapy from the hospital. Later, he had the opportunity to represent the Hong Kong table tennis team in the Asian Games in Thailand. By sharing his experience, he hopes to encourage the public to positively face their own life and be brave in persisting their dreams.



Sam Lee, MH

He not only crossed the limits of his body, but also dared to exert his wisdom and leadership skills. He participated in various volunteer tasks and held different public positions. In 2012, he was awarded the “Medal of Honor” by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to affirm his contribution to the society. His sharing will not only let you go on the road of leadership, but also let you lead and inspire the success of the team.



Steve So

When he was 17-year-old, he visited relatives in Singapore and had an accident at the swimming pool. When he went back Hong Kong, he needed to carry out rehabilitation training and also continued his studies. He truly believes that “Opportunities are only reserved for those who are prepared.” His sharing is dedicated to encourage young people and freshmen to face their challenges positively.



Carmen Yau

She suffered from muscular dystrophy since childhood, but she is convinced that “Knowledge changes fate.” After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2005, she devoted herself to work and advanced studies to serve the disabled. In addition, she founded the Death Café HK in 2014 to praise the meanings of life. As the winner of the “Hong Kong Spirit Award”, her speech not only enhances the morale and enthusiasm of the participants, but also enhances their attitude towards resilience.



Elaine Ma

Elaine has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Although she is as smart as the normal, her physical condition is not as good as others. She cannot take care of herself, cannot play with other children in the park and can only live in her own world. During these years, she has encountered various difficulties. Whenever she remembers she still has a lot of dreams that have not yet been completed, she will continue to move forward and find her way. For her, the spiritual world is unlimited even though there are physical limitations. She will do anything to chase her dreams as long as she can. She hopes that she can make other think positively with her own experience.