A Petit Story of Willy 1

I am a committee member of this social enterprise. When we started this social enterprise, our dream was to run this business with paraplegic persons only. In the end, we could only get one. Afterwards, even though we were supported by funds to publish a book, we could ultimately employ two healthy staff to take care of publishing and sales. It also cost us a lot of money. Since we were too green in business operations and we were lost in direction, the project ended up in a big loss. From this painful lesson, it’s the first time in my life I knew how difficult it was to run a business.

Thanks to the training program afterwards, there was a breakthrough in our source of incomes. Up to this day, we are still red in account book. Also, we still cannot employ as many severely physically disabled individuals as we thought since start. Nevertheless, we don’t want to be another self help organisation. Our goal is to run a sustainable business which can create jobs in the long run.